Nutrition and Tobacco Counseling

One of our favorite ways to help the health of our patients is to spend time helping them quit tobacco or find ways to improve their diet for the health of their teeth and gums.

Nutrition counseling involves the patient filling out a three-day diet survey of all imbibed foods and liquids and the time.  The forms are available in our office or on the website.  A brief consult can help us to identify reasons why cavities, areas of abrasion, erosion, or wear are occurring.  The exercise is intended to show the patient ways to improve oral hygiene and strengthen teeth by modifying their diet and their routines.

For example, a recent diet survey showed that a patient that had multiple areas of erosion was eating lemons with sugar as a dessert at dinner two or three times a week (a cheap restaurant dessert).  The combination of aggressive brushing with a medium bristled toothbrush, the acid from the lemons, the sugar, and certain aspects of her bite led to notches in numerous of her teeth at the gumline.  They were sensitive and required resin fillings to eliminate the sensitivity, restore lost tooth structure, and prevent future loss of tooth structure.  The process is very simple, easy, and may be very informative.  Ask our staff if you would like a diet survey or to schedule an appointment for nutrition counseling.

Tobacco counseling is one of the most rewarding parts of our job.  All dentists can help your teeth, gums, and oral health through our normal modes of therapy.  It was our pleasure to be trained in tobacco counseling.  By filling out a short, easy form and having a quick consultation with Dr. Reynolds, you could be on your way to quitting tobacco products for good.  It is important that you are ready for this.  Being ready to quit and having a strong support system will help.  We encourage you to bring your support group with you to our consults.  Medicines and nicotine replacements can be prescribed to assist as well.  Whether you smoke, dip, or chew, Dr. Reynolds has helped users of tobacco in all forms kick the habit.  Please inquire with our staff if you would like more information or to schedule an appointment.

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