Flouride Therapy

Most of us grew up receiving fluoride treatments.  Standard protocols use a fluoride gel into trays that are inserted into the mouth for four minutes.  The benefits of fluoride are the strengthening of the mineral content of teeth and its ability to fight the bacteria that causes tooth decay.  It actually hardens the enamel of the teeth and disrupts the growth and metabolism of cavity-causing bacteria.  

Flouride varnishes are coming into dentistry today to help patients that suffer from chronic cavities.  Ultraconcentrated fluorides can be applied simply and easily in our office.  These varnishes are far more beneficial than the standard trays and when used appropriately can reset the oral environment.  These fluoride varnishes are very important in The Medical Model of Caries Control.  The highest risk patients need the most fluoride.

We also offer an at-home prescription strength fluoride toothpaste for those patients who continue getting cavities despite their best efforts.  Patients with dry mouth, sensitive teeth, root exposure, and those patients who have been irradiated will benefit from supplemental fluoride. 

Please ask our staff if you are interested in fluoride therapy.  A simple protocol can completely change the environment inside of your mouth, eliminate the disease causing bacteria, and help prevent future decay.

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