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We have revamped our entire line of whitening services, please look for our new whitening menu or inquire about this during your visit.  All fees and pricing have been dramatically slashed.  We should be your source for all bleaching needs, services, and products!

 Whitening For Life

Our entry way into the world of whitening free for our patients that stay current with their prescribed re-care. This includes custom bleaching trays, 2 tubes of bleach (Natural Elegance 22% carbamide peroxide) and 1 tube of bleach at each re-care visit.

Free ($209 Value)

 In-Office Whitening with Opalescence Boost

This procedure involves 2 rounds of the highest concentrated bleach we offer (40% Hydrogen Peroxide). Each application is 20 minutes, making total time around an hour. Dramatic results occur.


 Opalescence PF Take Home Kits

8 syringes of 10, 15, 20, 35, or 45% Carbamide peroxide with 3 different flavors for all individuals. If you are sensitive, try the 10% to achieve your desired results. More experienced bleachers can purchase 35 or 45%.


 Opalescence Go
No trays, no impressions, just ready to “Go” bleach.  Comparable to a strip style of bleaching, just simply bite into the tray and the “strip” attaches to your teeth.  3 flavors and 3 concentrations of hydrogen peroxide available.  6, 10, and 15%. 


Opalescence Go Sample

Refill tube of Opalescence PF

Refill of Natural Elegance 22% carbamide peroxide                                                                               $10.00

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