Filosofía práctica

Atención integral y preventiva

En Odontología dinámico, we strive to provide our patients with the highest level of care available. Each component of your comprehensive exam, sus radiografías, su limpieza, and any treatment you may need is vitally important to the overall health of your mouth. Taking the time and care necessary to document all findings and systematically gather data into a customized treatment plan will allow a dialogue between you and our team to guide the appropriate direction for your care. Standard procedures and protocols allow each examination to be performed thoroughly. Adjunctive tools such as magnification, iluminación de alta potencia, cámaras intraorales, and large video monitors allow us to catch disease before it causes a problem. This will allow us to intercept a future problem for the benefit of your oral health. We would rather be proactive than reactive, preventing a dental emergency before it arises. The field of dentistry is changing. Dentistry used to be all “quirúrgico,” meaning we drilled and filled. New research into the Medical Model of Caries Control has led us to more fully understand how to treat patients. Home care, uso de hilo dental, terapia de fluoruro, selladores de, and regular cleanings are essential to your health.

Centrada en el paciente y decidida por el paciente

Our staff understands that we provide a service to our patients. We are here for you. Keeping the practice focused on the patient drives the entire process. We hope you find our mild-mannered and gentle approach inviting. Since our goal is optimum oral health for our patients, we use the best equipment and materials. We utilize the skills of the best lab technicians. We maintain continuous contact with our specialists so your care is handled seamlessly. Our standards, protocolos de, and systems revolve around the care and safety of our patients. From infection control and updating medical histories to intraprocedure engineering controls and after hours check-ups, nos esforzamos por mantenerlo seguro y saludable.

Formación y educación

El nombre de nuestra práctica muestra cómo nos sentimos acerca de su formación y educación- Dynamic. Queremos estar continuamente revisando, actualización, and improving our skills and expertise. Being current involves commitment to researching the latest advances in materials and methods. It involves attending continuing education and being focused and engaged on its implementation into the practice. Evidence Based Dentistry is a relatively new development. It guides our treatment methods and material choices. Attending dental conferences and being active in professional dental associations propels our practice to adopt the newest recommendations for our profession. The information we learn is passed on to you so that you can make the best decision regarding your oral healthcare. The best part is that we love this stuff!

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