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 Whitening For Life

Our entry way into the world of whitening free for our patients that stay current with their prescribed re-care. This includes custom bleaching trays, 2 tubes of bleach (22% Carbamide Peroxide) and 1 tube of bleach at each re-care visit.

Free ($209 Value)

 In-Office Whitening with Opalescence Boost

This procedure involves 2 rounds of the highest concentrated bleach we offer (40% Hydrogen Peroxide). Each application is 20 minutes, making total time around an hour. Dramatic results occur.


In-Office Waiting Room Whitening with Opalescence Quick

Bring in your trays and sit for 30 minutes while the highest concentrated tray bleach we offer (45% Carbamide Peroxide) gives dramatic results.


 Opalescence PF Take Home Kits

8 syringes of 10, 15, 20, or 35% Carbamide peroxide with 3 different flavors for all individuals. If you are sensitive, try the 10% to achieve your desired results. More experienced bleachers can purchase 35%.


Opalescence Go Sample

Refill tube of Whitening for Life bleach

Refill tube of Opalescence PF

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